Natural Hair Care & Styling System (Up to 6 Months Kit)

. $227.00

We recommend using Baby Sparkles complete Hair System to help with easy styling, curl definition, to repair dry or damaged hair and maintain healthy growing hair. Our mousse is perfect for detangling, defining curls and braiding. Perfect for all hair types. This set includes the following:

1. Deep Moisture Shampoo 8.4 oz

2. Deep Moisture Conditioner 8.4 oz

3. Hydrating Leave In Conditioner 8 oz

4. Curl Custard 8 oz

5. Hair Butter 8 oz

6. Foaming Mousse 8 oz

7. Argan Oil Styling Gel 8 oz

Please note your box will also include our Hair Care Card with instructions on best Natural Hair Care tips for all hair types. Safe for babies, toddlers and can be used by the entire family. Our products are concentrated so you only need to use a little bit each time.


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