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Baby Sparkles Goes To Church

I collected hundreds of children books yet only a few represented my little brown girl. The ones that did represent my little girl didn't provide the education and the imagery that I expected. I began to search for a book to educate my daughter about God, Church and Family. I remember learning things about the church much later in life and I wanted different from my daughter. For me having spiritual guidance helped me to overcome a number of obstacles. I know I can't protect her from every storm but I can give her some tools to equip her as she moves through life and this world.

Baby Sparkles Goes To Church is a colorful cartoon like book that shares the journey of a family of four as they prepare for Sunday at Church and their at home routine. Baby Sparkles Goes To Church teaches about traditions and expectations when in Church. It is a colorful book meant to compliment our little ones as they grow up with God. Train up a child which way to go and they will never depart from it. When we receive the cases of Books we pray over them. We pray for your children and for all those who read the book.

Using Black Imagery in Baby Sparkles Goes To Church provided my daughter and I the opportunity to see characters that looked like us. - Dr. Tamiera Harris

New Amazon Release Date 09-15

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